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Want to become an Angel Investor but not sure where to start?

Get started today for free and simulate real life start-up investment opportunities with AI Simulator to practice and learn investing in private markets; safely and risk free.

Use Angel Investor Simulator to experience:

Due Dilligence

SEIS/EIS / Tax Relief

Impact of Decisions

Deal Presentation

Self Certification

And Much More...

Mastering the Art of Angel Investing

Discover the keys to successful early stage investing. Our multifaceted approach provides you with practical know-how, interactive simulations, and invaluable resources to thrive in this competitive landscape. 

Startup founders play a pivotal role in the investor-founder relationship. At Angel Investor Simulator, we also guide Startup Founders through the investor's perspective, helping you navigate the investment lifecycle with ease.

Empowering Startup Founders


What We Offer

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter webinars; our detailed, engaging, and gamified platform ensures you gain the insights needed for a head start.

Life Like Experience

In early stage investing, learning from experience is invaluable, but the risks can be significant.


Our simulation platform allows you to learn at your own pace and experience real-world events as an early stage investor without risking your capital.


Hone your craft, understand the journey, and make informed decisions before stepping into the actual investment arena.

Startup Founder Friendly

Learn how to engage effectively with potential investors, pitch your ideas, and secure the funding your startup deserves.

Our simulation platform offers an immersive and multifaceted approach, providing you with practical knowledge, interactive simulations, and resources to gain confidence and expertise.

Gain insights into the investor-founder relationship to ace your pitches

What Our Users Say

“AI Simulator brings key elements of the investment journey together in an interactive sandpit, something I've never seen done before! It is an excellent learning tool. ”

Rob Hingston,

“I have been on many Angel Investing courses and AI Simulator has helped me put my theoretical knowledge into practice, allowing me to experience the high and lows of investing safely.”

Ruth Wilson, 


“I thought I knew everything when it comes to investing but AI Simulator has bought to life several dimensions that I have not yet experienced. With each use I learn more and more!”

Denis Lindsay,


It's free to get started!

AI Simulator is free to get started.


You can upgrade to Premium access at anytime to unlock the full potential of AI Simulator; supercharging your learning experience with a range of additional features. 

Investing shouldn't be this confusing and with AI Simulator, it isn't!

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